Tea Types

Here at Yaya Tea we carry a variety of tea ranging from White to Black tea, along with flower and herbal tea! White Tea is known as a baby tea leave that is not fully grown, therefore it has the least caffeine. Green Tea is known for good health and best served with honey. Oolong has moderate caffeine and usually served at dim sum restaurants. Black tea has the most caffeine and mostly served with milk and bubble, if preferred.

There are two common types of green tea: Sencha and Genimacha. Sencha is a Japanese green tea, while Genimacha has rice and usually served at Japanese Restaurants. Oolong tea is known for dieting and is similar to green tea, therefore it is moderate caffeine. Black Tea is known as the “King of All Tea.” Black Tea can be served with anything, such as Milk Tea, Bubble Tea, Lattes and Honey Tea. We have many different kinds of flower, such as Rose Buds, Lavender, Osmanthus, Chrysanthemum and many more.


Earl Grey Oolong sencha White Peony

osmanthus rose budschai chrysanthemum genmaicha